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Mission statement:


A treasured West Coast landmark, the Crenshaw Wall has been the target of muralists and graffiti artists since the 60’s. Because of its location on Crenshaw Blvd near Leimert Park it catches the eye of more Angelinos than L.A.s only other iconic African-American landmark, the Watts Towers.


Respected by the community, the mural rarely falls prey to vandalism.


After many film, television, and music video appearances since the 80’s, and the introduction of the Internet, the wall has gotten global attention. People who travel from all over the world to visit L.A. make sure that stop to pose for pictures at the Crenshaw Wall.


The mission of the Crenshaw Wall Restoration Project is to restore the current African-American history mural on the wall and use a special coating technique to protect it against the elements and vandalism.


But our mission does not stop there. 


After much thought and consideration we have come to the conclusion that the best way to protect the wall is not just with a special coating process. 


Our plan is to dedicate the wall as a historical landmark or monument, petition for a square dedication, and attach a plaque to the wall describing the mural while giving credit to those involved in this project.


Project West, an organization dedicated to the preservation of West Coast Hip Hop history is proud to serve as the organizing institution for this important restoration project spearheaded by Rocking The Nation, the group of artists responsible for the mural. We also have the support of Council District Eight and the Park Mesa Heights Community Council.


The Crenshaw Wall Restoration Project is currently in pre-production and slated for execution as soon as the fund raising process is complete.

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