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SoCal Chapter Black Panther Party 52th Anniversary

Conference Events December 5th-8th


Inglewood- Art Exhibit paying homage to the Panthers,

their principles, and the Party’s impact on

politics and culture worldwide.


Museum of African American Art- Educate to Liberate!

A multi-media exhibition of rare

BPP SoCal Chapter memorabilia.


Gala Dinner and Black Panther After Party

Keynote Speaker Kathleen Cleaver:

Bunchy, Eldridge, Geronimo and COINTELPRO



The High Potential Program Revisited

Former Panthers, US members, and High Potential Program

alumni discuss the political climate of 1968-69 and the

impact that the murders of Panther leaders

Al Prentice Bunchy Carter and John Huggins had

on the program, the campus and the community.

Speakers : Ericka Huggins, Daniel Johnson and others.

Moderator: Ayuko Babu (founder Pan African Film Festival)


The Breakfast Program- Free Groceries Giveaway

Baldwin Hills Mall Parking Lot Dec 7th -8th.


The Health Pavilion

Mobile health trailers will be available at the

Baldwin Hills Mall Parking Lot Dec 7th -8th.


Survival Pending Revolution

The history of the SoCal BPP Chapter and the

evolution of the Party’s Survival Programs.

Keynote Speaker: Elaine Brown


The Reopening of the SoCal Chapter

The history of the reopening of the offices in Los Angeles

after the original chapter was shut down .

Speaker: Robert Johnson, followed by panel discussion.


The Panthers vs The LAPD

Confrontations between law enforcemnt and the Panthers in

1969 which lead up to the raids of three L.A. Black Panther

offices by LAPD and SWAT on December 8th of that year.

Speaker: Bruce Richard, followed by panel discussion

featuring victims of the assault Panthers Bernard Arafat

and Gil Parker, Panther Mohammad Mubarak (eyewitness),

Karen Stanford (author, Nine Lives of a Black Panther),

Gregory Everett (director, 41st & Central),

and members of law enforcement (invited).


Black and Brown-The Panthers and The Brown Berets

Members of both organizations speak about

their coalition in 1968.

Speakers: TBA


The Panther US Conflict: A Revolutionary Civil War

Members of both organizations reflect on the events

in 68-69 which led to the murders of several Panthers. 

Speaker: TBA, followed by panel discussion

with Panthers Bernard Arafat, Mohammad Mubarak,

Gil Parker, former US Vice-Chair Mwalimu Kabaila and others.


Political Prisoner Round Table

Former Panther political prisoners speak on the movement

to free all political prisoners now!

Speakers: Hank Jones, Harold Taylor, and others


Police & The Black Community, 50 years of Change?

A town hall discussion about the relationship of the

police and the Black community.

Speakers: Brian Dunn (civil rights attorney, Cochran CA),

Melina Abdullah (professor and chair of Pan African Studies,

Cal State LA- Co-founder, Black Lives Matter),

followed by a panel discussion featuring Panthers,

law enforcement representatives, and others.


Tupac Shakur, Thug or Revolutionary?

An analysis of the most famous Black Panther "cub",

Tupac Shakur. Could he have evolved into the next Malcolm X?

Speakers: TBA, followed by panel discussion.


Hollywood’s Obsession with The Black Panther Party

Film and music industry professionals, writers, and  artists

discuss the Black Panther Party as an iconic art form.

Speaker: TBA, followed by panel discussion.


December 8th 2019

The official dedication of the SoCal Chapter

Black Panther Party Monument.

Location TBD.

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